Our Services

In order for the company to thrive and provide its services to its customers, various marketing solutions to achieve this goal and careful analysis are integral components. As one of these goals, the AdSpot team will help you reach new customers and serve better existing ones with BTL marketing tools.

Human resource advertising and marketing

We provide realization of various projects requiring human resources participation, such as promotions, presentations, and tastings.

Mystery Shopping

Everyone is afraid of a dissatisfied customer or an ignorant employee in your company, so we have created a mystery shopping service that will allow you to see the true reflection of the quality of work in the customer's eyes and improve the service provided.

Outdoor advertising on move

An original, attractive and highly visible outdoor advertising solution to deliver your message anywhere and anytime.


Our premium in-depth analysis help companies more successfully understand your customers and weak business spots on the spot, thus we are able to make a profitable marketing strategy for your business.

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Our Process

Research and strategy

The first step is understanding clients' requirements, review current analytics, offering plan & agreeing on a budget

Activity "on spot"

After choosing the best solution for your business the project can begin!


After the project is completed, additional analysis is made of your company's existing or potential customers, employees and the company's weak spots!


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