Mystery shopping

The mystery shopping service allows you to look at the company's service processes through the eyes of the customer and provides an opportunity to improve the quality of your customer service. Secret evaluation reflects the real situation of how the customer has been served at a particular moment and in your chosen situation.

Learn how we can improve control over the quality of customer service when it is virtually invisible and unknown, to maximize the return from each customer!

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Research methods

Secret valuation methods are applicable to valuation in both B2B and B2C segments:
- secret evaluation, call, website, e-mail;
- face-to-face evaluation;

In addition to the company's own people, products, processes - covert valuation can be used to analyze competitors' customer service, as well as to be able to study the fulfillment of the company's own criteria in a competitor's company.

Roadmap and results

The survey is conducted using a covert assessment method - during a customer service quality survey conducted by carefully selected and pre-trained anonymous individuals - mystery shoppers imitate daily customer visits to sales, customer service locations or remotely using remote communication!

The mystery shopper immediately enters each valued object into the system and fills in the quality of the pre-defined requirements and evaluates other conditions. Each face-to-face conversation is recorded and handed over to the customer together with the overall project evaluation report and conclusions/recommendations!



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Human resource advertising and marketing

We provide realization of various projects requiring human resources participation, such as promotions, presentations, and tastings.

Mystery Shopping

Everyone is afraid of a dissatisfied customer or an ignorant employee in your company, so we have created a secret buyer service that will allow you to see the true reflection of the quality of work in the customer's eyes and improve the service provided.

Outdoor advertising on the move

An original, attractive and highly visible outdoor advertising solution to deliver your message anywhere and anytime.




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